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Adams Wedgwood Mint Ming Jade Pattern Calyx Ware Iron Stone

Beautiful Mint Green Ironstone China Oriental Floral Pattern

The control of Adams Pottery shifted to the Wedgwood Group on 1st January, 1966.  Finally the Greengates factory, maker of Adams Pottery and China, was closed down for good by Wedgwood in 1992. After its closing, somebody set fire to the factory and razed it to the ground.

The Mint Ming Jade pattern is one of the most popular it has a great lasting color that look great every time you bring it out. No matter what the style of the day is these are always a great items and always look unique in any home. We buy this and other Adams every time we see them. If you love Royal Dolton and Wedgwood you will also fall in love with the Adams ware patterns. 

These pieces are a fine quality China.  Molds were destroyed in the fire and will only become more rare and collectable through the years.

Please feel free to comment and add in pictures of your Adams ware.
Preppers and Copper Bullion (Why do you want to Stock Pile Copper)

     Many People have asked why do Preppers stock pile copper bullion. It seems that the price is way above the scrap price and the supplies are hard to come by. Many preppers have lots of copper 1 ounce coins and bars. But it does not seem to make since. Its not really good for trade. At a cost of up to 7 bucks per ounce it seems to cost more than regular copper by the pound.
     In truth many are not sure what they are buying it for. But other have very good reasons for buying and keeping Pure .999 percent copper. In an end of the world type event the sources of pure copper that can be used for electronics and other heavy electrical loads would be very hard to come buy. Even 99.9% off the shelf copper is not pure enough for some applications. If you wanted to carry a heavy load like a large 300 amps from a generator. Even a small amount of impurities in the copper would cause a quick heat build up. Electronics is even more sensitive to the impurities that can be found in regular copper bars or from melting down old pennies. Copper from a penny would not make a good wire at all it would be too stiff for normal use and would not be able to carry power like a modern wire.

     If the Copper is used to make brass for firearms or naval hardware it is best to know for sure what types of metals are being mixed together to make this brass. If you cant get an accurate measure of copper and other metals in the mix you will not be able to make a brass that can be used for cannons or other heavy industrial use. Starting with .999 copper is the best case scenario.

     In pure form .999 copper can be bent and worked in many ways. It can also be hammered into fuses or blades for use in household wiring and other projects. It is clear that the refinement of copper will not be possible if we did not have todays support and foundries. Hugh amounts of electricity is used to make .999 copper 90% is very easy to come by with common smelting techniques but the further refinement is very difficult. Melting wire and other common copper scrap can produce cooper that is usable for some purposes.

    I am pretty sure that copper rounds could be turned into wire by turning a blade against the round and peeling off small wires thin strip. Not sure how well it will work but in and end of the world type of problems a few inches of wire could be a big difference in getting a car to start or a light in the dark.

    For these reasons we carry copper in .999 in rounds of 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce. We also try to stock small .999 copper by the gram and 5 gram flats that have a good shape that could be used as is. these are all for sale on our eBay store

Wood and Crafts / Solid Iron Wood Carved Duck Amazing looking Wood Carving
« Last post by on September 14, 2013, 02:24:08 PM »
Solid Iron Wood Carved Duck Amazing looking Wood Carving


Solid Iron Wood Carved Duck. Very heavy made from solid iron wood and appears to be hand carved with great skill. Great wood grain with deep and rich color.

Click here to see more pictures or purchase the item.

Square Corning Blue Velvet Rose Casserole Oven Ware


Extra Large 2 pc Lot Square Corning Blue Velvet Rose Casserole Oven Ware w/ Lid 5.28 qt

Click here to see more pictures or purchase.


Boyds Bears / 3 pc Boyds Bear ~ BETTY LOU, JOSIE & CLEMENTINE MCCOY ~ NIB
« Last post by on September 14, 2013, 02:02:52 PM »

You are purchasing a:

- Boyd's Bear -

Set of 3

J. B. Bean ~ ~ TJ's Best Dressed Collection

"Betty Lou McCoy"

"Josie McCoy"

"Clementine McCoy"

~Show Exclusive~

They are NEW in Bag w/ Tags.  Sealed - Never removed.

Betty Lou:

Movable Joints (posable) - 14" Tall -  Blue and Yellow Plaid Dress with Matching Hat.


Movable Joints (posable) - 7" Tall - Blue and Yellow Bonnet


Movable Joints (posable) - 8" Tall - Yellow Jumper and Bow

 Items in photograph are exactly what you will be sent.


Click below to see more photos and purchase this item Shipping is Fast & Free.

Metalware / Solid Copper Longaberger Tea Kettle Pot by ODI Ceramic Handles
« Last post by on September 14, 2013, 01:55:11 PM »
Solid Copper Longaberger Tea Kettle Pot by ODI Ceramic Handles

VERY RARE Solid Copper and Brass Tea Kettle

Made for Longaberger Homestead Collection by ODI with Deflt Blue and White Ceramic Handle and Knob

This Beautiful Classic Piece has an apple basket on the side.

This is New Old Stock and has Never been Used

9" x 6.75" Diameter with Nickel Lining

Item in photo is exactly what you will receive. 

The tag has something scratched out.  It was like that when I purchased it with a lot of Longaberger baskets from a Longaberger home sales person.  She said that it is authentic piece made specifically for Longaberger homestead collection.


Click here to purchase:



Corelle / About Corelle
« Last post by Hometownvintage on September 02, 2013, 10:00:25 PM »
Corelle is a line of Dishware and Kitchenware introduced by Corning in 1970 made in the USA.  It is made of Vitrelle, a tempered glass product consisting of two types of glass laminated into three layers.  This makes the line strong, break & chip resistant plus, light and easy to use.

They are oven safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, easy to clean and with it's uniform sizes, easy to store. 

Pfaltzgraff / Modern Patterns - Oh so Many Choices
« Last post by Hometownvintage on September 02, 2013, 06:40:49 PM »
This is not a complete list but, will expand

1. Tea Rose

2. Midnight Sun

3. Grapevine

4. Grandma's Kitchen

5. Bonnie Brae

6. Paradise Bloom

7. Mason Blue

8. Americana

9. Clover Hill

10.  Naturewood

11. Winterfrost

12. Winterberry
Pfaltzgraff / Classic Patterns - A Picture of Cottage Chic Dinnerware
« Last post by Hometownvintage on September 02, 2013, 05:02:54 PM »
1. Gourmet Royale or "Brown Drip" - 1950
[attach=2]  [attach=3]
2. The Country Casual (reverse Brown Drip) - 1961

3. Heritage - 1963
[attach=4]  [attach=5]

4. Village - 1976
[attach=6]  [attach=7]

5. Heirloom

6. Aura

7. Yorktowne

8. Wyndham

Longberger / Humble beginnings - The Story of the Basket Building
« Last post by Hometownvintage on August 29, 2013, 12:10:53 AM »
Longaberger has an extensive history dating back to 1919 when J. W. Longaberger started making Baskets at the Dresden Basket Factory in Dresden, OH.  This factory closed down durning the great depression and remained closed until J. W. 's son, Dave and Daughter-in-law purchased the factory in 1976 making handwoven baskets with their father who never gave up his love of basket making. J. W. Passed away just shortly after the business took off.

1978 Dave started his successful direct sales/ home sales program. 
1984 His daughter Tammi Joined the company.
10 years later, Tammi was give the title president and worked with her father until his death in 1999.
Since then Tammi has diversified the company producing several lines of handcrafted products through direct sales.
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