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Pfaltzgraff began in 1811 under the name of Falsgraff by several family members that started separately in Germany, Baltimore and other parts of the east coast.   

In 1839 Johann George Pfaltzgraff saw a need for expansion and moved himself and his family to Freystown, Pennsylvania , just east of York.  Here in 1894 they opened their first Factory.

Johann and his wife had 10 Children.  The earliest known samples of Pfaltzgraff pottery are by one of his son, John B. Pfaltzgraff.

In 1872, the company started to import better clay from places like Ohio, in attempt to make better, stronger quality pieces.  This is when they started favoring Salt-glazed stoneware over the earthenware that had been the foundation of the company.

The opening of the factory in 1894 was the first official title of "Pfaltzgraff Stoneware Company".  This creation was the combination of the genius and creativity of George and Henry Pfaltzgraff.  This first Factory burnt down in 1906.  A new Factory was Built in West York and still stands today.

1936 Pfaltzgraff opened it's first Retail outlet on Pottery Hill.

The Start of WWII Slowed the production of Pots to help support the war effort.  The company almost went of business, suffering finalcial losses consistently until 1946 when the company switched focus.

1950 The company introduced it's first Line of Household dinnerware, Gourmet Royale or "Brown Drip" Pattern, which would become the backbone of the company.

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